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Websites like this one cost only $260.Ask us how
Services for small business
Simple solutions for all your small business IT needs.


You have a website but does it work well on a phone? Can your customers easily lookup your details and click to call you? Or find you on their Google Maps app? We know the answers and they are more accessible than you think. Let us show you how.

Email Marketing and Engagement

Do you need an email address or to generate marketing emails or newsletters? You can do this now for $10 per month.


Ever been to a café or bar where you can use the Wifi? How good would that be for your customers? We can setup Wi-Fi hotspots with or without a password and a host of features like time limits, download limits, speed limits and a confirmation page. It’s cheaper and more accessible than you think.

Make use of all these great tools
Use the best industry tools to quickly and easily meet your audience and improve your visibility.

The best online tools offer free or low monthly fees. Easy to setup once we show you how.

  • Newsletters and mailing list management.
  • Websites that are quick and ready to go.
  • Online payments that are quick with low fees.
  • Messaging for your team and customer base.
Fully Responsive
Learn about websites that work well and look good on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Responsive websites are cheaper, easy and meet your audience wherever they are.
Use Standard Tools
We will setup and show you how to use cheap online tools like MailChimp for newsletters, Wix and Wordpress for websites and Stripe for cheap and easy online payments.
Easy to Customise
Everything we create is easily updated and managed by either yourself or any other IT partners you choose in the future. We can get you started and can teach you the rest.
Get your website now
Great looking, fast and easy websites for tablets and phones from $260.
Learn how to track your visitors
View traffic to your website and learn who your audience is.
App Development
How do you proceed with your idea for an App? Is it something for Android, iPhone, iPad or a website that you need?

Most people have great ideas but don’t know how to progress this idea into a functional system. We can help you.

We can develop, prototype, publish and or maintain any app and any website.

We can help you protect your idea with industry standard non-discosure agreements.

We can also advise on how to take the next step towards making your idea a business, who to approach and help you prepare.

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Simple and Clear Pricing
Most IT services are cheaper and more accessible than you think. Let us get you started and show you how straight forward this can be.


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