Klemm Technology Partners

The partner for your business, fulfilling all your computer and software needs.

Software Development

Our local software development team will design and implement apps for Mobile, Desktop, and the Web.

Small Business Tech Support

With 20 years of professional IT Tech Support experience, we provide quick, effective, and simple solutions to keep your small business running.

Project Consulting

Get your project on track without the need for fulltime specialist staff.

We will embed with your team and deliver real outcomes when we are need and as we are needed.

New PCs and Laptops

We are a full-service supplier of all computer and networking equipment. We offer competitive prices, exceptional service, and top-quality equipment to suit your budget.

How we help you

We provide quick, cost-effective, and effective solutions for Small Business allowing you to work uninterrupted and get on with your week.

Locally available and price effective Software Customisation and Custom Software Development which allow your projects to move from your wish list to your daily workflow.